About Us

cisto-mini.jpg My name is Francesco Termini and I was born in Cefalù not so long ago , but I am old enough to want this remarkably beautiful place to be the centre of my life and my business. My Sun House was born from the idea to rent holiday apartments and villas while also offerring something more, something personal. While finding a comfortable apartment in a gorgeous place is a great start for a successful holiday, having a local on hand to advise you of fun things to do and point out the best local restaurants and cafes enriches the experience.

You might ask, what makes a holiday successful? As you might recall, often it is a simple thing that sparks warm memories. A dramatic landscape, an aroma, a feeling or a special moment is enough to make you fall in love with a place and fix it in your heart. For me, the most important thing is the spirit that you have during your holiday. Encouraging you to take your time... laying in the gentle sun on the beach or discovering ancient temples and castles... is part of what I like to do. Whether you like relaxing or being active, a holiday will make you feel happy if you take the time to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy! When you visit Cefalù I will do my very best to make your holiday an experience that will stay in your heart forever.